Stop searching, and start hiring. Locating and retaining talented, friendly, and driven technology staff can be a complicated process. At CCG Resources we connect you to the right set of IT professionals, the first time around. We invite you to leverage our HR expertise, proven recruitment prowess and process, and become connected to our expansive global candidate network of the best talent on the market. Our highly networked expert technical recruiters stand ready to build your pipeline to success.


More and more, companies are discovering the value of a nimble workforce to meet business demands and optimize their bottom line. Because workforce needs fluctuate, CCG Resources offers clients a broad array of solutions that bend to the needs of their business, including: flexible and project-based staff, direct-hire placements and comprehensive workforce solutions.


CCG Resources will help you determine the most intelligent approach to building your team. Our certified Recruiters will provide expert guidance to help your organization craft the staffing strategy that best enables you to meet your business objectives.


For example, we can help you:

  • Access better talent for your job openings
  • Fill job vacancies more quickly
  • Hire more productive temporary and full-time employees
  • Reduce a wide range of employment costs, including benefits, overtime and payroll administration
  • Eliminate the high cost of excess capacity
  • Leverage the expertise of skilled financial and technical professionals
  • Pursue new business opportunities with less employment risk
  • Assess and model the skills/attributes of your company’s top performers


We provide simple solutions for complex recruitment issues, and specialize in meeting the demands of the technology sector.