CCG Resources offers multiple flexible outsourcing models focusing immediate financial benifits while strictly focusing on on-time quality delivery of artifacts.

With Outsourced you can scale your organisation quickly, easily and cost effectively with dedicated remote staff. Your full time/Part time offshore staff report directly to you every business day from our office in Hyderabad, Bangalore. They work during your business hours and are effectively an extension of your local team (just located remotely). You have direct access to your staff (phone/skype/email) and you define the standards by which they work and the systems and processes they should follow.

To get started our “offshore staff leasing” process is simple. You simply provide us with a job description and we either provide available staff from our existing talented team or we start the recruitment process based on your requirements. We panel access, test the verify the quality of staff before placement with any client. We handle all the employment paperwork and provide all the best equipment and facilities. We provide ongoing HR and ensure staff retention and quality assurance.

How it works?

  • Based on your requirement, you provide job description.
  • We will see if we have any candidate available on bench for the same role if not we will hire the same talent from the market.
  • Virtual employee reports directly to you.
  • We provide you access of his working time hours.
  • He will be working at your own time zone.
  • We provide system and other software which is necessary to form job.
  • We handle all the employment paperwork’s.
  • You simply pay a low hourly rate.