We also offer free and low cost online professional development courses to provide all the instructional opportunities and skills you need to succeed. Training is available from the comfort of your own home through our virtual campus, CCG Resources, which includes web-based professional training courses to help substitute teachers prepare for the challenges of the classroom and build a productive environment for students. CCG Resources also includes more than 1000 courses and ebooks on topics including soft skills (leadership, communication, etc.) as well as other training for computer and software usage.


Customized Learning Options

By individually customizing our training programs, we guarantee that your time is used effectively, ensuring you not only learn new skills, but retain them as well. With both one-on-one and self-paced learning options, we have the resources to meet your needs.


Some of the benefits of CCG Resources computer training include:


  • Customized one-on-one training packages.
  • Saturday training sessions.
  • Software manuals available for purchase.
  • Free access to instructor for 30 days post-training.


Skills Assessments

Prior to starting any computer training, CCG Resources can assess your current software knowledge through a variety of skills assessments. As well, skills assessments can be used to determine your staff’s current skill set and to create benchmarks for your hiring process.


For more information regarding the Innovative Learning Centre computer training or skills assessments, contact our Marketing Coordinator.